About Me & My Website

Hi there,

Imran here. I am a full-time blogger, digital marketer & part-time software engineer. It may sound ridiculous 🐸

I completed my bachelor’s in CSE from BRACU. I have the CSE knowledge & I use this knowledge for my websites & personal needs.

I started my career as an SEO expert & SMM manager freelancer in the back of the 2020s. And from that time, I had interested in blogging. From that working experience & interest, I start “Consumarates”

Very few websites do honest reviews like “Consumaraets” We do genuine reviews, no hidden agenda, no paid review.

Journey of Consumarates

A few years back I bought a gadget from an e-commerce platform. But after receiving the delivery and seeing the product, the eyes went up to the forehead.

What is this?

It doesn’t match the product reviews I read. 🙁

And then, I decided to create a website that would be very different from the other traditional affiliate blog.

And from that thought, the journey of “Consumarates” started.

There are many people like me who want to buy products or services, but they don’t know how to choose which ones are good and safe. One way to find the best products is by reading online product reviews, but many of these reviews are written by paid people. 

This means that the reviews can be biased and may not be completely honest. They don’t test the product with their hands. They create articles by reading reviews of others.

By creating an honest product review blog, we provide consumers with unbiased opinions about products and services, which will help them to make more informed decisions.

How do we review a product?

We have a team of 8 people (3 content writers, 2 SEO specialists, 2 consumer testers & me). Before writing any article, we collect a sample from that company.

When we get the product, our consumer tester analyses the product & creates a comparative decision about its pros, cons, and durability.

We sought cues to expose information so you can make the best purchasing decision.

Based on these data, our content writer creates honest review articles about this product. Our niche is limited. We only review & create articles about “Generator” & “Electric Scooters”

Though the process takes time, we believe in “Honesty Is The Best Policy,” & that’s our commitment.

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