How One Generator Made Dreams Come True: WEN 56380i Generator Review

Are you looking for a combo package? If you are looking for a portable, inverter, stylish & RV ready generator then WEN has got you with their combo packed generator WEN 56380i.

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The WEN 56380i 3,800-watt inverter generator provides a great combo package overall. It will be considered a brilliant investment in the long run because it is backed up with a 2-year warranty and excellent customer care and support.

It generates clean energy free from voltage spikes and drops.

Despite its diminutive appearance, the WEN 56380i’s fuel tank can hold a whopping 2.2 gallons. With a starting wattage of 3800 watts and a running wattage of 3400 watts, this 2.2-gallon tank can provide energy for 8.5 hours at 50% load.

It is an excellent portable inverter generator for working on hard-to-reach locations and outdoor events such as camping, construction, tailgating, etc. When you use it on a full load, this means at 100% load, it will take 4.25 hours to drain out the tank.

The engine is 212 cc in size and has a 4-stroke air-cooled OHV that protects the engine from overheating. It produces 57 decibels while operating, as muted as window air conditioning or average conversation. 

What we like/dislike


  • Super Quiet
  • RV Ready
  • Parallel Capable (cable not included)
  • Budget Friendly
  • Light Weight
  • Accessories Included (Funnel, tool kit, and battery)


  • No remote start


This WEN 56380i has 2 AC & 3 DC outlets

AC Outlets

  • 1x Duplex 120V 20A (5-20R) 
  • 1x 120V 30A (TT-30R)

DC Outlets

  • 1x 12V 8A 2x
  • 5V USB port


It offers clean energy from those outlets, so you don’t need to worry about anything when you plug your devices. Its TT-30R receptacle makes this unit RV-friendly,

Can I charge my mobile through it? 

Is it safe to plug your daily usable household device into a WEN 56380i generator that can store this energy?

The WEN 56380i 3,800-Watt inverter generator inhibits total harmonic distortion, which makes it safe for smaller electronics. It only allows 0.3% at no load and under 1.2% at full load, making it safe to operate laptops, cellphones, monitors, tablets, and household devices.

Noise Level

When running at 25% load, the 212cc 4-stroke engine emits 57 decibels at 22 feet from the generator, increasing to around 69 dB at full power.

57 dB is roughly the same as a standard window air conditioner or everyday conversation. So it’s inaudible from the next room.

It would be nearly impossible to hear even when placed right beside your bedroom or office unless you put your ear right up against it while running at full power.

Eco Mode of WEN 56380i

The WEN 56380i’s speed can be controlled almost seamlessly using the “Eco” mode. The Eco mode adjusts how fast it runs based on load – so if you’re powering a smaller device like a TV or PC, it will run at full RPMs to give you enough amps for your surge-draw needs.

However, if you start powering larger devices like a washing machine or an electric heater, it will automatically drop RPMs to provide enough power without wasting energy.

For example, at full load, the generator will run at 3/4 speed for a 5500-watt AC load and cut back to 1/2 rate when powered by a 3000-4000 watt AC load. This is a big deal because it saves fuel and reduces operating noise simultaneously.

The automatic fuel shuttle system on the WEN 56380i inverter generator uses any remaining fuel in the carburetor before turning the generator off.

That means the generator won’t have to be serviced as often, and it will last longer because there won’t be any stale fuel in there to cause snags or buildups.


The WEN 56380i has a digital data center that details power output, lifetime run hours, and voltage.

The fuel gauge is already integrated into the unit, so you can check the fuel level without taking the unit apart. In addition, some lights indicate when the oil is low and when the machine is overloaded.

Its automatic shut off & overload protection features take your unit an extra mile.

This WEN product, like all others, has been certified as EPA-safe and CARB-compliant. Due to its spark-arresting properties, it’s great for use in wooded camping spots.

Automatic Voltage Regulation of WEN 56380i

The automatic voltage regulator (AVR) constantly monitors your wiring and power output to ensure you have a steady flow of electricity with no fluctuations or drops. This is an outstanding feature for sensitive electronics like computers, TVs, and audio equipment.

Many portable generators have unregulated voltage – when you plug in an appliance with a 60-watt power draw, it will try to give you 60 watts worth of generator output.

However, the voltage provided may vary from 110 volts on a light load (60 watts) to only 69 volts on a heavy load (300 watts).

That means you get less power than your appliance draws, which can damage it. The WEN 56380i’s AVR ensures your device always gets the voltage it needs, even when the generator output has dropped due to heavier loads.

Reasonable Fuel Consumption

The WEN 56380i’s 212cc high-compression 4-stroke engine will produce as much as an estimated 3.8 kilowatts of power for every gallon of gas it burns, which is pretty good.

It has a fuel tank capacity of 2.2 gallons, meaning it operates for 8.5 hours on a full tank at 50% load.

This is enough to power everyday appliances and small electronics for most homes during blackouts or emergencies. But it is probably not enough for a full day of powering larger devices like your central AC unit.

However, the WEN 56380i’s run time increases to 17 hours per tank at 25% load, which is enough for most homes with a central AC unit or many small appliances and electronics.

The Wen 5630i also has an economy mode that reduces the overall power output to save fuel and reduce noise and has a fuel consumption of around 0.22 GPH. Overall, it’s relatively inexpensive to operate.

The WEN 56380i’s fuel tank has an integrated 1/8″ NPT fuel line filter to remove particles before entering the carburetor, which extends engine life.

Livability Features

The WEN 56380i has all the standard livability features you would expect from a generator in this class. It has an electric push-button start, a voltmeter gauge to let you know how much battery power is left, and a low-oil shutdown to protect your engine if oil levels get too low. 

The built-in parallel capability enables you to link it up to another WEN generator for increased power, and the cord has a built-in circuit breaker for overload protection. 

The WEN 56380i also has non-slip rubber feet to prevent skidding, an oil drain port on the bottom of the unit, and an adjustable front handle that can be moved up or down to accommodate awkwardly-located outlets.


For domestic customers, WEN provides a 2-year limited warranty. But the warranty doesn’t cover all the parts of the unit.

Reasons to buy

The WEN 56380i is a highly affordable generator that delivers the performance you expect from a mid-range unit. It features a high surge rating for short outages and can handle up to 11,000 watts of power usage – enough to run most RVs or homes with an AC unit.

If you’re looking to save money on fuel, this generator will only cost you around 33 cents per hour to run at 50% load or 18 cents per hour at full load. We recommend the WEN 56380i for people who want a highly portable unit that can simultaneously handle AC and other appliances.

Final Thought

The WEN 56380i is one of the best generators you can buy at an unbeatable price. It has all the basic features you need for powering your home, and it comes from a brand with an excellent reputation. It runs smoothly and quietly, and its low-oil shutdown feature will prevent engine damage if oil levels run too low.


WEN 56380i can run electrical appliances that do not exceed the power requirements of the generator.

Yes. You will need to perform regular maintenance on your generator in order to keep it running for years. The frequency of this maintenance depends on how much you use it, but most generators require monthly check-ups. We recommend using an electric oil pump that will make changing the engine oil easier and cleaner.

WEN 56380i can run continuously for 11 hours at 50% load. If you plan to use it for more than 20 hours per tank, make sure you refuel it beforehand.

WEN 56380i can run for about 4 hours straight at 100% load. However, you’d want to maintain the generator’s output around 50% most of the time because if you use it continuously at 100% load, it’ll run out of power sooner than you might expect.

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The WEN 56380i may be utilized for camping, emergency situations, travel, RVs, and inside. It boasts extensive safety features and inverter technology, allowing it to securely power a wide range of appliances and gadgets, including smartphones, laptops, tablets, PCs, and other sensitive electronics.

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