How much does a riding lawn mower weigh

On average, a riding lawn mower weighs between 400 to 1,200 pounds, with small rear-engine riders starting at around 250 pounds and large commercial zero-turn mowers reaching up to 1,500 pounds.

The weight of a riding lawn mower depends on several factors such as engine size, cutting deck width, frame and construction materials, transmission type, and additional features.

Riding lawn mowers with larger engines and wider cutting decks tend to be heavier. Mowers with hydrostatic transmissions are usually heavier than those with manual transmissions. Extra features such as bagging systems, mulching kits, or even cup holders can add weight to the mower.

The specific weight of a riding lawn mower will vary between different models and manufacturers. It is essential to consult the manufacturer’s specifications for the most accurate information on a particular model’s weight.

Different types of riding lawn mower & their weigh

Riding Lawn Mower TypeDeck WidthApproximate Weight
Small Rear-Engine Rider24-30 in.250-350 lbs.
Standard Rear-Engine Rider30-42 in.400-550 lbs.
Lawn Tractor42-54 in.500-800 lbs.
Garden Tractor48-60 in.800-1,200 lbs.
Zero-Turn Mower (Residential)42-60 in.500-1,000 lbs.
Zero-Turn Mower (Commercial)48-72 in.1,000-1,500 lbs.

Different models of riding lawn mower & their weigh

No.Riding Lawn MowerDeck WidthApproximate Weight
1Troy-Bilt TB30R30 in.340 lbs.
2Cub Cadet CC30H30 in.365 lbs.
3John Deere S10042 in.440 lbs.
4Husqvarna YTH1854242 in.580 lbs.
5Craftsman T11042 in.470 lbs.
6Poulan Pro PP19A4242 in.505 lbs.
7Ariens Ikon X 4242 in.635 lbs. (zero-turn)
8Toro TimeCutter SS422542 in.580 lbs. (zero-turn)
9Simplicity Regent48 in.670 lbs. (lawn tractor)
10John Deere E16048 in.525 lbs. (lawn tractor)
11Husqvarna YTH24V4848 in.630 lbs. (lawn tractor)
12Craftsman T24046 in.525 lbs. (lawn tractor)
13Snapper 360Z48 in.655 lbs. (zero-turn)
14Toro TimeCutter SS500050 in.700 lbs. (zero-turn)
15Kubota Z122R42 in.815 lbs. (zero-turn)
16Cub Cadet XT1 LT4646 in.580 lbs
17John Deere X35042 in.660 lbs. (lawn tractor)
18Bad Boy Maverick54 in.945 lbs. (zero-turn)
19Gravely ZT X52 in.780 lbs. (zero-turn)
20Simplicity Broadmoor50 in.720 lbs. (lawn tractor)
21Ariens Apex 6060 in.1,100 lbs. (zero-turn)
22Toro Titan ZX540054 in.1,030 lbs. (zero-turn)
23John Deere Z355E48 in.640 lbs. (zero-turn)
24Husqvarna TS354XD54 in.815 lbs. (lawn tractor)
25Craftsman T22554 in.750 lbs. (lawn tractor)
26Exmark Radius X-Series60 in.1,275 lbs. (zero-turn)
27Snapper 560Z61 in.1,090 lbs. (zero-turn)
28Kubota Z421KWT54 in.1,080 lbs. (zero-turn)
29Ferris ISX80052 in.1,100 lbs. (zero-turn)
30Cub Cadet XT2 GX5454 in.800 lbs. (lawn tractor)

Factors affect the weigh of a riding lawn mower

🚀 Engine Powerhouse:

The heart and soul of any riding lawn mower, the engine is a primary determinant of weight. As the horsepower increases, so does the size and weight of the engine. Just like a bodybuilder with more muscle, a mower with a beefier engine will tip the scales with its powerful presence!

🎡 Deck Width Wonders:

As the stage where the grass meets its doom, the cutting deck’s width plays a vital role in determining the mower’s weight. A wider deck means more materials, a larger blade, and a heavier mower. A larger deck is like a chef with a bigger cutting board; it allows for more efficient slicing and dicing!

💼 Frame & Construction:

The sturdiness of a mower’s frame and its construction materials can add or subtract precious pounds. A heavy-duty steel frame ensures durability and strength but comes with added weight. It’s like the difference between wearing a lightweight jacket or a suit of armor: both protect you, but one is a bit heftier!

🚗 Transmission Tangle:

The type of transmission in a riding lawn mower can also influence its weight. A hydrostatic transmission, for example, is smoother and requires less maintenance, but it’s a bit chunkier than a manual transmission. It’s like choosing between a compact car and a luxury sedan: one may be more comfortable, but it also packs on the pounds!

🎁 Extra Features Fiesta:

Like the cherry on top of a sundae, additional features on a riding lawn mower can contribute to its overall weight. A mower with all the bells and whistles, such as a mulching kit, bagging system, or even a cup holder, will weigh more than its stripped-down counterpart. It’s like taking a trip with a fully-loaded backpack versus just a water bottle and a snack – the extras can make a difference!

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