Bluetti Portable Power Station AC200p Review
We tested with 12V Freezer for 26 hours

Bluetti AC200P Portable Power Station

Complete Overview of Bluetti AC200P

If you’re looking for a power station or generator for apartment use for sudden power outages, camping, RV with 2000 watt hours this Bluetti AC200P is an excellent option because as premium components inside and the build the quality is really really good.

Now this power station comes in at 60 pounds. The reason that’s that heavy is because it has lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO 4) chemistry inside, so in exchange for a little bit more weight you do get many more life cycles on the power station.

This Bluetti AC200P has a 3500 life cycle and still has 80% of its capacity remaining. Which means you can take it from 100% to 0% 3500 times and still have around 1600 watt-hours of capacity.

This power station can charge or power many devices at the same time. It also includes 2 wireless charging pads on top, each with a 15-watt charger, and all other connections on the front, which we’ll demonstrate in the following section.

This AC200P has 17 versatile outputs. Here is a complete list of it:

      • AC outlets (6)
      • 5V USB-A Ports (4)
      • DC 12V/10A (1)
      • DC 12V/25A (1)
      • DC 12V/3A (3)
      • 60W USB-C Port (1)
      • 15W Wireless Charging Pads (2)

This supports a ton of input. You can charge this power station with 700 watts of solar input and you can also charge it with the included AC adapter at 500 watt. While testing we charge it from 0% to 100% percent within 3.5 hours, which is pretty awesome.


DC Output of Bluetti AC200P

Now, to use the DC output, you need to click the DC option on the screen.

You’ll find a 12 V 25 A output with an aviation-style plug beneath the power button. We haven’t found any other power station with a constant 25-ampere output like this one.

Bluetti AC200P DC output analysis
Note taking point indication

Note that you will need to buy an extra cable from Bluetti if you want to use the 25-amp output connection.

Aside from that, there’s a 12 volt cigarette plug with a 10 amp rating. Under it are two 55 21 barrel connections that each support 3 amps.

Now, keep in mind that the voltage of all these outputs is kept constant at 13.4 volts. This means that you can use your 12-volt home appliances without any problems.

Now under the screen you will get 5 different USB ports on this power station. The first one is a power delivery port of 60 watt which is  a USB type-C port. It would be great if this charging port could supply 100 watts, but it only provides 60W.

The next are actually USB-A ports; they each support 3 amps at 5 volts. In addition to all the other output options Bluetti also has two wireless charging pads on the top of the power station. Each one supports 15 watts. 

Note that the DC output must be enabled on this screen for these wireless charging pads to function.

AC Output of Bluetti AC200P

This Bluetti has a 2000 watt pure sine wave inverter that means it can handle 2000 watts continuously. After applying a 2500 watt load for about 2 minutes, our unit turns off due to overload protection.

Now whenever you want to use the AC inverter, you need to turn on the AC option on your screen. Here you will get six different outlets to choose from to power your appliances.

Bluetti AC200P AC output analysis

They all have these safety and dust covers to keep kids from putting stuff in here to get hurt and also keeps dust and other particles out.

Each of these outlets are a 20 amp NEMA receptacle.

We get 120 volts and 60 hertz from the ac inverter’s output. We can see a pure sine wave output when we put this in oscilloscope mode.

So after those testing results we know this puts out very similar power you’d get from your power company through your wall outlet.

One thing to keep in mind is that this battery has a capacity of 2000 watt hours, so if you draw 2000 watts from it, it will run out of power in about an hour or less due to efficiency losses.

So I’d recommend using an electric blanket or a small portable heater to keep yourself warm then you’ll get a much longer run time on this battery.

Charging the AC 200P

Both charging inputs are on the left side of the power station. So looking at the right you have your first charging connection. This one has a dust cover on it and if you look that up it’s an 8 mm barrel jack. 

This is dedicated just for the included AC wall charger. It supports 58.8 volts and 500 watts max. So don’t expect to plug anything else into this charging port.

Now the second charging port is pretty interesting. You have a couple different settings that you can adjust on the screen of the power station. 

The first setting is for car charging that accepts 12-30 volts at 8.2 amps and then the second setting is PV or solar input that accepts 35 volts up to 150 volts at 12 amps max.

This is an aviation style connector that comes with a dedicated cable.

Bluetti AC200P Charging Output Post Demonstration

Now once you connect up this cable here you have two other charging options. The first option is for car charging or charging off another battery. You also have a 12 volt cigarette plug and then this XT90 connector that plugs in here. 

The other charging option is for solar panels or pv input. You have MC4 connectors that connect directly up to your solar panels.

Now keep in mind that the PV input is 35-150 volts so unfortunately a 12 volt solar panel does not fall within that threshold of voltage. So you can’t use a 12 volt solar panel while charging this power station. But you can use 12 volt solar panels as long as you have it set to the car input charge setting.

When you charge this unit with an AC wall outlet, you can fully charge it within 2.5 hours. Now this charging brick is a 58.8 volt 8 amp charger. So you should see around 470 watts max.

Bluetti AC200P 500W Charger

Because it’s such a high power charger there is a fan that runs all the time whenever it’s plugged into the wall. 

After connecting it you will get  449 watts input. If you want to charge up this power station even faster you can purchase an additional 500 watt charging brick off  along with an adapter. 

When you plug both these in you can get around 900 watts total charging. For this to work perfectly you do have to make sure the DC input source is set to pv instead of car charging. So it accepts the higher input voltage on that secondary charging port.

Bluetti AC200P Wires Charger That comes in Box

Here is a complete list what you get in the box:

        • 500 watt wall adapter that plugs into the 8 mm connector 
        • Aviation style plug that has a XT90 connection
        • Car charging cable 
        • A solar MC4 cable

This unit  supports pass-through charging so whether you’re using the dc output USB ports or AC inverter you can charge it and discharge it at the same time.

Display of AC200P (Complete Analysis)

In the middle you have a large battery percentage with a ring around it to tell you how full it is. On the top of the screen you have your time and date. Besides on the top you will get a system temperature on degree & fahrenheit scale.

Then you have two options whether your dc outputs or your ac outputs are enabled. You also have information for each of the outputs or charging inputs.

When you click on the PV or car charge option it will show you information for the car or solar charging, voltage, amperage, wattage.

When you click on the DC output, it will show all the information about each of the outputs, even the wireless charger on the top.

Click on your wall adapter charger it tells you the input voltage, the amps and the watts.

On setting option you can easily set up the language, buzzer, eco mode, AC output voltage, AC output frequency & DC input source.

In the data section you will get all the product info, inverter & charger info, BMS maintenance & fault history.

The BMS maintenance will tell you the total voltage of the battery, the power coming in and the battery state of charge. 

The fault history will show all the fault list & the reasons behind it, which is pretty cool.

12 V Fridge Test with Bluetti AC200P

We run a 12V compressor fridge for 24 hours. 

Now this test has been running for about 26 hours. After that we see that it’s

only used 16% of the capacity. That means it’s less than 1% per hour including standby time and running the fridge.

Bluetti AC200P 12V Freeze Test for 26 hours

So it looks like this doesn’t have an auto shutoff feature which is really great and you should expect a really long runtime using a 12v compressor fridge.


Yes, this have a regulated output of 13.4 volts

Yes, you can use the power station and charge it at the same time with no issues there.

Yes. There is an eco mode but it is disabled by default. You have to enable it manually on the setting.

Unfortunately, not. This unit has a 60 Watt output only.